Autoblow 2 Sleeve – How to Choose Right Sleeve Size

Everything about Autoblow 2 Sleeves. Learn to choose right size sleeve for your next blowjob simulation.

The Autoblow machine is a device that is meant to simulate a real blowjob, to give you all the sexual pleasure that you may need when your partner is not around. You can even use it with your partner as a way of spicing up things in bed. It has a few major components, which make it function efficiently and effectively to give you the amazing sexual experience. Among the components is the sleeve. The sleeve refers to the flesh-like material in which you insert your penis as you mount the machine. It comes in three different sizes so as to fit nearly any penis size. The three sizes are described below.

autoblow 2 machine sleeve

Types of AutoBlow 2 Sleeve Sizes

Autoblow is available with different sleeve. You need to buy autoblow sleeve based on your size for maximum pleasure.

Size A

This size is designed to fit men who have smaller penis sizes. The sleeve is a bit thick, reducing the inner space and thus giving a tighter feel to accommodate a small penis. The actual measurements of penis size that would be suitable for size A are a girth of about 3 to 4 inches (7.5 to 10 cm). The length does not really matter for this case.

Size B

This size is the medium, designed to give a perfect fit to men with averages penis sizes. The walls of the sleeve are a little less thick as compare to those of size A, meaning that a little more room is left to accommodate average sizes. The actual measurements of penis size that would actually fit in this sleeve are girth ranging between 4 to 5.5 inches (10-14 cm). Any length of penis will be okay so it is not so much of a consideration. Majority of men usually fall under this category, making size B the most popular sleeve.

Size C

Size C is meant for those with more than average penis size. The walls of the sleeve are the thinnest of the three, giving it more volume to accommodate the large penis size. It is a perfect choice for anyone having penis girth ranging between 5.5 inches to 6.5 inches in girth. As with all the sleeves, the length of the penis does not play a major role in determining the sleeve choice. It is important to note that all the Autoblow 2 Machine sleeves have a similar external diameter.

Real doll mouth sleeve

This sleeve makes the blowjob machine a lot more realistic and comes as a premium upgrade. It appears as a partial face of a pretty lady and has optimized texture inside for the ultimate pleasure.

Features of Autoblow Sleeves

Below are some great features of autoblow machine’s sleeve.


Autoblow sleeves are designed in such a way that they can be used as many times as desired, over a long time. This is however under the condition that you maintain it accordingly. Maintenance includes proper and thorough cleaning as well as good storage when it is not in use. This feature makes it far better than homemade Autoblow device.

Easy to maintain

Maintaining the Autoblow sleeves is quite easy. All you need to do is clean autoblow device after every use with toy cleaner or warm water and mild soap. Ensure that it is completely dry before you store it.

Flesh-like feel

The sleeves are made from artificial skin material, giving them properties similar to those or real skin. They look and feel exactly similar to real skin. It is like a mouth and best thing is that inner part of sleeve is made up in such a way that you feel like real blowjob. Moreover, it is available for Autoblow blast, pico and regular models too.

How to Use sleeve?

Using autoblow 2 is so simple like one two and three. You just need to iInsert the sleeve into the Autoblow machine and click it into place. Add some water-based lubricant inside the sleeve and on your penis as desired, then insert penis in the sleeve and turn on the machine. Remove the sleeve and wash it using toy cleaner after every use, then store it appropriately. You don’t have to wash your automatic fleshlight machine; a.k.a Autoblow.

If you still have any query in selecting the proper size of autoblow sleeve then you can contact me.

How to Buy Autoblow 2 at the Best Price

Getting a good deal for Autoblow 2 is one of the best things that men can wish to get. An Autoblow 2 is currently available in the market and most people have access to it. All that you need to know about how to get this product at the best price will be discussed.

autoblow 2 machine price

What is Autoblow2?

Autoblow 2 is a blowjob machine that allows you to sit back and enjoy robotic stroking using the latest technology. Using Autoblow 2 is so simply, you just need to plugin it and put your penis to start getting blowjob without girl. It provides a better experience to all users. There is close contact with the penis making the machine to offer an amazing blowjob experience.

Price of Autoblow 2 Machine

Autoblow 2+

The Autoblow 2 price at $179. This price is exclusive of any accessories that you need. Though the price looks high, this is the best Autoblow machine in the market.

Others include:

  • Sweet Lips Autoblow retailing at $39.68
  • Piston retractable 3speed retailing at $60.81

Prices of Autoblow 2 Accessories

Since Autoblow 2 is popular among many people, the prices of its accessories will be listed here below. It is one of the best realistic male masturbator that you won’t see anywhere else.

  • Autoblow easy-grip handle: this accessory is helpful in holding the sex machine. It retails online at only $24.95
  • Discreet storage case: this amazing case goes for only $14.95
  • Berman Toy Cleaner: this cleaner retails at $9.95
  • Fab Lube for Men: retailing at $12.95

buy autoblow 2 for cheap

How to buy Autoblow 2 for Cheap?

You do not have to pay the whole amount to get Autoblow blast. You can actually get this product at a much reduced price. There are various ways that you buy Autoblow 2 cheaper than its original price.

Buy online

One of the best ways of saving money when purchasing Autoblow 2 is to buy the product online. There are great online deals that can help you get the product a reduced price. These deals can be coupons, sales promotions and free shipping offers. All will be mentioned here below to give users some tips on how to order Autoblow 2 cheap.

Sales Promotions

Save 11% on website purchase:  Instead of buying automatic fleshlight machine at $179, you can make an online purchase through the company’s website and purchase the same at only $159.95.

Double purchase:  If you purchase easy-grip handle and storage case together, you will save 37%. Instead of paying $39.90 for the two, you will only pay $24.95.


  • 20% off Autoblow 2: You can get a 20% discount when you make an online purchase using a coupon. The code for this offer is SAVE20.
  • 60% Off Autoblow: This offer has been there for quite some time. You can try using the code Santa60 to see if you can get lucky to buy it cheap.
  • Save 20%: There is also another coupon code for a 20% discount on Autoblow 2. The code for this offer is Wrist20.

There is also free shipping on selected countries. Just make an inquiry to enjoy free shipping.

autoblow 2 - The robotic dick sucker

Why should you buy Autoblow 2 from official site only?

There are many reasons why you should only use the official site to buy Autoblow 2. Here below are some reasons:

  • Genuine product: When you make a purchase from the main site, you will only get a genuine product. Purchases outside the official site may result to you getting counterfeit of Autoblow 2.
  • Use discount coupons: Most of the online coupons only work when you use them in the official site. This means that you stand to get discounts for using the official site.
  • Money-back guarantee: The money-back guarantee only covers people who made purchases on the official site. Therefore, it is of great importance to buy from the official site to enjoy money-back guarantee.

Get yourself an Autoblow 2 machine today from the official site to enjoy the benefits stated above.

How to Clean Autoblow 2 Machine?

How to Clean Autoblow 2 Machine? If you are wondering about this question then you should read my in-depth post about same.

Autoblow 2 is a realistic male masturbator machine designed to give men all the sexual pleasures that they can dream of. As the name suggests, the machine is meant to replicate a real blowjob, giving you the exact same pleasure that you would get from a real woman, if not better. Autoblow Blast 2 is designed with high quality material that makes it quite robust and durable. It can give you great services for a lifetime. The catch however, is that you have to take proper care of the machine if you want to extend its lifetime. Regular maintenance include proper cleaning and good storage.

cleaning your autoblow 2 machine

Why you should take extra care of your autoblow2?

Earlier we learn about how to use autoblow properly and now it’s time to take care. One of the main reasons to take care of the blowjob machine is to ensure your personal health and safety. The machine comes into direct contact with your skin, and at a very sensitive area for that matter. Cleaning Autoblow therefore becomes of utmost importance to ensure that it is completely hygienic and safe to use. Cleaning and proper storage also make the sleeve last longer, meaning that you get to save the money that you would otherwise re-invest in buying another. The machine gives you extreme pleasure at those moments when your partner is not around, or even when you and your partner wants to spice up things in bed. That fact alone will make you want to take care of this sweet treasure.

How to Clean Autoblow 2 Machine?

The Autoblow 2 machine is designed to be easy to clean. Start by removing the sleeve from the machine, as it will have to be cleaned separately. The outer surface of the machine can be cleaned with pretty much anything that can be safely used on plastic. A toy cleaner is obviously the most recommended. It will do a better job at cleaning and ensure that all bacteria on the surface are killed. Avoid splashing or dipping in water as the toy uses electricity, which does not go well with water.

As for the sleeve, warm water and mild soap is recommended. Gently clean both the inside and outside of the sleeve, avoiding hard scrubbing. The material is easy to clean so it will not take long. To make it more hygienic, you can also spray it with an anti-bacterial toy cleaner. After cleaning Autoblow2 you need to dry it out to avoid bacterial infection. Air dry the sleeve, and ensure that it dries completely before storing it.

How to take care of your Autoblow sleeves

Autoblow Pico sleeves are made from a realistic skin material, which will maintain its properties only when taken good care of. Just simply make sure that the sleeve is clean and completely dry before storage. Store it in a zip-lock bag whenever it is not in use, with a little amount of ordinary cornstarch inside the bag.

What is the warranty offered by company?

A six months warranty is offered for the motor and electrical parts of this machine. Sleeves are not covered by any warranty, as they are categorized as consumable items. The conditions or the warranty are that it should not be taken apart or tampered with in any way. Hence you should avoid making homemade autoblow device.

This is how you can clean autoblow 2 machine to enhance it’s life span.

Best Automatic Fleshlight Masturbator Machine

Many people are turning to the use of automatic masturbator machines as a way of fulfilling sexual desires. Fleshlight Masturbator toy is considered to be among the best in the market that offer men automated blowjob to fulfill their sexual satisfaction.

best automatic fleshlight masturbator

Benefits of Automatic Fleshlight

There are more than enough reasons for one to use automatic Fleshlight. Here below are some of the benefits that well define automatic male masturbator machines.

  • Safe to use: It is important to highlight auto sex devices are quite safe to for use. This is because the materials used in making the machine are user-friendly and thus works to protect users from any harm.
  • Hygienic: The robotic Fleshlight machine adheres to high hygiene standards. It has interchangeable sleeves that can be cleaned easily.
  • Feels real: One of the benefits of using an electric Fleshlight Masturbator is that it provides a real feel. The feeling is so real that you might think of it as a female partner.
  • Easy to use: Another great benefit of using the realistic male masturbator is in its ease of usage. It is quite easy to use the device.

There are many other benefits that you can get with the above mentioned only highlighting what to expect from an automated Fleshlight sex toy.

Best Automatic Fleshlight Masturbator

To enjoy the benefits listed above, you have to get the best automatic Fleshlight machine. To be reviewed here below is the Autoblow 2.

The Autoblow 2 Review

This review will cover important items such as features, advantages and price.

  • Sleeve system: The Autoblow2 used interchangeable sleeves. This system makes it easy to clean and re-use them. Furthermore, there are several sizes to fit all men.
  • Robust construction: The Autoblow blast provides for 500+ hours of use with its all-metal motor rated.
  • Realistic skin: Another great feature of this device is that it has its sleeves made out of a realistic artificial skin. This gives the users a realistic sexual feeling.
  • Spring loaded design: The spring loaded design is helpful in enhancing the lifespan of the sleeves. This makes this device a long lasting one.
  • Tighter mechanism: It also has a tighter mechanism that helps you feel the tightness of the machine. It comes with a new third row of beads strokes 15cm of your penis to boost its tighter mechanism. It is newbies friendly too, so anyone can use autoblow 2 without any expert knowledge.


  • You do not need batteries to use this device. The Autoblow Pico can be plugged in any wall outlet within the house
  • Provides a hands free experience where you will not be required to use your hands to perform the masturbation act
  • Adheres to all the safety measures to protect users
  • There is always a money-back guarantee just in case you are not satisfied with the product.

The price

The retail price of the Autoblow2 is $150. This is quite a great bargain given the numerous features and benefits it has.

Why is Automatic Fleshlight better than Traditional Masturbator Toy?

It goes without saying that the hands free blowjob machine is better than the traditional masturbator toy. Here below are some of the reasons why it is better.

  • Effectiveness: The hands-free Fleshlight is far much effective than the traditional masturbator toy. You will get much better pleasure and won’t have to use your hands. So you will feel like a real sex. There are scientific principles that is used to make it.
  • Cost effective: It is cost effective to have Automatic Fleshlight than traditional sex toys. With one time investment, you will get your personal sex partner that won’t refuse anytime. Use it anytime and anywhere to have real like intercourse.
  • Quality assurance: Only the Robotic Blowjob device can provide quality assurance to its users due to the careful construction.
  • Safety and hygiene: It is quite safe and hygienic to use an Automated Fleshlight Machine than the any other low quality masturbator. This follows the safety and hygienic considerations made in the manufacture of it.

How to Make Blowjob Machine? Homemade Autoblow

A blowjob experience is one of the best experiences many men wish for. Here you will learn to make homemade autoblow.

In the past, a blowjob experience needed a woman to be present to perform the act. Fortunately, things have changed now and men can enjoy this experience without relying on women. There are robotic blowjob machines that are available for use by men to have a blowjob experience. Things are quite better for one can even make his own blowjob machine at home.

make homemade diy autoblow

Given the fact that it is possible to make a blowjob machine at home, we will provide things needed and the steps to be followed to make a realistic male masturbator toy at your home.

Things needed to make blowjob machine at home

For you to make your homemade autoblow blast machine, you will need a few things. Here below are the things you will need to get started:

  1. Hitachi D10VH drill. This has an adjustable speed button that allows you to adjust speed
  2. A spade bit or a wood boring bit ( about ¾” x4”)
  • Suave natural shampoo bottle
  1. Medium sized latex gloves
  2. Duct tape or scotch
  3. Lots of lube

These are the things that you will need to have before you engage in the active process of making your own homemade blowjob machine.

How to make a perfect blowjob machine at your home?

Here below are the steps that you should take when making the blowjob machine:

  • Cut a ¾ slit in the bottom of the suave bottle for the spade bit
  • Rap the spade bit in duct tape
  • Take the wrapped spade and stick in slit of the suave bottle
  • You should then wrap rubber bands around the top of the bit. This is meant to create a sort of harness
  • Wrap the other side with rubber band for reinforcement
  • Duct tape the rubber band to the bottle
  • You should then cut the end of latex glove where the fingers are
  • Wrap the duct tape in a loop to make both sides sticky and then put the duct tape on both sides of the bottle from the inside
  • Put the latex inside while pressing it around to make it firm and secure
  • Wrap the other end of the latex glove around the base of the bottle
  • Remember to put a rubber band on the base of the bottle and duct tape it.

As easy as that, you would have made your own homemade blowjob machine.

Why you should avoid making Homemade Autoblow?

Given an option, we would not advise you to make your own blowjob device at home. While the process looks easy, there are negative consequences of making such male milking machine at home. Here below are some of the reasons why you should not use homemade autoblow pico:

  • Risky

It is quite risky to make this automatic toy at home. If you miss a single step of making the machine, you might harm yourself while using it.

  • Takes time

The process takes much of time. Apart from that, It also need your constant attention. Otherwise, you may see some serious injury. It is therefore time consuming as well as risky do-it-yourself blowjob method.

  • Health risks

There are health risks associated with making this machine on your own. For example, you can harm your penis and cause long term damage.

Why is Autoblow better than Homemade Blowjob Machine?

There are many reasons why an Autoblow is better than homemade blowjob machine. Here below are some of the reasons:

  • Better experience

By far, the Autoblow provides a better sexual experience than the homemade blowjob machine. Therefore, the Autoblow is recommended for enhanced sexual experience.

  • Safe for use

The Autoblow has passed all the safety considerations and thus safe for use.

  • Comfortable

The Autoblow comes in different sizes to provide for comfort for people of all penis sizes. This is unlike the homemade diy device which may cause discomfort.

  • Maximum contact with penis

The Autoblow provides the maximum contact with the penis thus providing ultimate sexual experience.

These are some of the many benefits of using Autoblow than using the homemade blowjob machine.