Autoblow Blast Review – Can you Buy from Amazon or eBay?

Autoblow Blast is the fully automated male masturbator toy. Read my in-depth review before you buy it online.

The Autoblow Blast refers to a completely automated sex toy that is designed to offer realistic and mind blowing pleasure to men. When looking for a toy that can completely get you to another world during those solo moments, this would easily be the perfect fit. It gives the exact same feeling that one gets from a real blowjob, if not better, thanks to the gentle, soft, and tight suction.

Autoblow Blast Review and Features

If you are looking for full features and reviews of Autoblow Blast, then please check below list. It contain everything including maintenance, price, material, design, comfort about the toy.

autoblow blast machine review

  • Handheld remote(setting and speed)

Autoblow Blast comes with a hand held remote device that can be used for easy and accessible control of the motor. It is attached to the device via a flexible cable, which allows easy movement during use. You can control the intensity and speed of the device to whatever will suit your preferences

  • Beads

The automatic male milking machine uses beads to provide the stimulating sensation. A set of rings made of the beads is used to engulf the penis with appropriate pressure. The rings then move up and down, to create a suction effect and offer the feeling of a real blowjob.

  • Sleeve

Autoblow Blast comes with a sleeve which is where you penis will go in. This will help avoid contact of your penis with the mechanical parts of the machine. It is where you will apply lubrication for increased pleasure. The pressure created within the sleeve during usage is what brings the suction effect to simulate a real blowjob.

  • Motor

A highly rated and durable motor is used for the Autoblow2 Blast. The motor can run at different speeds to give more options to the user and match preferences. It has enough power to give optimum suction effects.

  • Batteries

The motor is powered by 4 C batteries. It is power efficient meaning that the battery power consumed is minimum.The batteries will therefore last for a while before you need to replace them.

  • Size

The size of the Autoblow Blast is reasonably small. This makes it so convenient for travel purposes because it can easily fit in your travel luggage. Its discrete look will also come in handy. You can check fleshlight vs autoblow 2 comparison for better deal.

  • Cleaning

Cleaning the machine is made quite easy. All you will need is some soapy warm water. Detach the sleeve and clean. Ensure that it is thoroughly dry before storage, ready for the next use.

Why buy Autoblow Blast from official site only?

The Autoblow Blast can be bought from third party stores such as Amazon and eBay. It is highly recommended that you avoid buying it from such sites and only get it via the official website. Some of the reasons for this are,

  • You will get the best prices from the official website. You also stand to enjoy sales and offers. The third party sellers have to add their profit in the price and therefore end up selling at a more expensive price.
  • Buying from the official website guarantees you of originality. Counterfeits will not offer great pleasure and durability as the original product because of the quality of materials used.

How to Order Autoblow Blast Online for Cheap?

You can buy Autoblow Blast at a reasonably cheaper price by using the coupons and offers. The values of the coupons or offers you will get usually vary from time to time, but will always be a significant amount. For the coupons, simply enter the coupon code during checkout to enjoy the discount.

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Apart from that, you should take benefit of their Combo Offer and Free Shipping deal to increase your saving. You can also provide your own Autoblow blast review by commenting here. It is highly appreciated.

Autoblow Pico Review 2016 – Buy it Cheap Online

If you are looking to buy Autoblow Pico then you should read my in-depth review with images and video given here.

autoblow pico reviews and features

Autoblow Pico refers to a male toy that has been specially designed for men who have smaller sizes of the penis. The working principle is similar to that of the Autoblow Blast and delivers the same experience only that it is for a small penis. It eliminates the need to make lots of custom orders for the size, which would be a bit more expensive.

The Review of Autoblow Pico

  • Realistic

This is the main feature that makes it sell a lot. It will give you a sexual experience exactly similar to that of a real blowjob or even better since you get to control it to suit your exact need.

  • Power

The Autoblow Pico uses batteries as the source of power. It is designed in such a way that it is energy efficient meaning that it does not consume a lot of power during operation. The batteries will last for long and the frequency of changing them will not be as high as compared to other similar products.

  • Size

Autoblow Pico is designed to accommodate men with penis size ranging anywhere between 4 inches and 5 inches when erect. It is in fact the only blowjob toy in the world,which is designed specifically for men with small penis size.

  • Automatic

The device is made to do all the hard work of stroking automatically. All you need to do is insert your penis inside it and switch it on. This frees your hands meaning that you can be able to do many other things at the same time such as pleasure your partner. It is the only machine for automatic dick sucking.

  • User friendly

Using the Autoblow Pico is extremely easy and anyone can master it within just a few seconds. You only need to put in the batteries and switch it on. You can also regulate the speed and intensity with which it works to ensure that you get all your desires. It comes with a user manual which you can refer to in case you are unsure of anything.

  • Larger beads

As opposed to the Autoblow Blast, the Autoblow Pico does not have the lips/anus portion at the top. This leaves a lot of room to allow for larger beads. You can push deeper into the hole of the Autoblow Pico to experience the intense pleasure of the automated strokes with the beads engulfing your penis.

Reasons to buy Autoblow Pico

The Autoblow Pico is very portable meaning that you can travel with it very easily without feeling as if you have a burden. Packed well, an untrained eye cannot know what exactly it is. You should get one if you don’t know how to get girl to give you head?

how to buy autoblow pico cheap

The device has a hand held controller, which you use to vary the speed of the stroking action. This allows you to move your hands however you want while still having full control literally at your fingertips.

Another advantage is that it uses a silicone sleeve that is removable. The sleeve is easy to clean, ensuring that you can maintain high hygiene standards. It is layered with beads and can be used even as a masturbation sleeve.

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Autoblow Pico relies on batteries as a source of power. That means you have to keep replacing them when they run out. The device is however power efficient meaning that the batteries do not run out fast.

Tips to Perform Testicular massage

Final Words about Autoblow Pico

Having a small penis size is no longer a reason not to experience all the joys and pleasures that come with sex toys, thanks to the Autoblow Pico. It feels so incredible, and is assured to change your masturbation experience to the better. It is considered as one of the best male milking machine ever.

Best Robotic Blowjob Machine for Hands Free Blow Job

Want hands free blowjob without girl? Then, you should check my review for best rated robotic blowjob machine that can fulfill your requirements.

Getting a blowjob at any desired time is a dream of nearly all men. However, not many are lucky enough to get that from a real woman and that is where the robotic blowjob machine comes into play. It can turn all the lonely and boring nights into sexual adventures that are extremely pleasurable.

best robotic blowjob machine for hands-free operation

Unlike other male masturbation devices, the robotic blowjob masturbator does nearly all the work for you including testicular massage too. All you need to do is switch on the power source, insert your penis in the sleeve, and enjoy.

How to get hands free blowjob using Autoblow2?

You first need to get near a power outlet where you will plug in the device. The normal socket outlets will work just fine. Start by choosing the right sleeve for you.

There are three options to choose from depending on the size of your penis. The next step will be applying lubrication in the sleeve as well as on your erect penis. In order to delay your ejaculation, you should use some numbing spray too. Ensure that you use sufficient lubrication to make the experience more pleasurable. Insert your erect penis in the sleeve, holding the machine in the most comfortable way to you. Plug it in and turn it on to enjoy your blowjob experience. You can regulate the speed with which it works to suit your specific preference.

Why is Autoblow2 best Robotic blowjob machine ever?

The Autoblow 2 does not use any batteries. You simply plug it in to a power source and enjoy. This means that you will never have to worry about replacing batteries every now and then or have a blowjob experience interrupted due to batteries running out. Any electrical outlet that has a rating of 110 volts to 240 volts will work for the machine. You should also check my comparison for Autoblow and fleshlight to get clear idea about their pros and cons.

Sleeve system

The machine comes with three sleeves, which are interchangeable. They are of different sizes to ensure that irrespective of the penis size, you will get your fit. The sleeves are re-usable and designed to be long lasting. They are also quite easy to clean, with a toy cleaner or soapy water being all you need. This ensures that you will not compromise the hygiene level.

100% Automatic Masturbator

The Autoblow 2 can be used hands free as it does all the stroking action for you. You simply need to hold it in place and it will do all the rest. The intensity and speed of the motorized stroking motion is completely under your control. That’s why It is top rated automatic dick sucker device available in market.

Robust construction

The construction of the Autoblow 2 is all-metal with a motor that is rated to last more than 500 hours of usage. It has the ability to withstand all shock when dropped from a normal operating height, ensuring that it will give you great service for a very long time to come.


The machine is designed to replicate a real blowjob, and it does so extremely well. You will get the exact same feeling, if not better, as you would when receiving a real blowjob from girl. You can even include it in couple sex just as a way of spicing up things in the bedroom.

Best Male Milking Machine – Automatic Penis Masturbator

Male milking refers to getting sexual pleasure through a process similar to that of milking. There are so many ways of achieving this, the most common one being the use of hands and the use of male milking machines.

best male penis milking machine

It is however, advisable to use the machine instead of your hands. The various reasons for this include,

  • Using a machine give you much more pleasure as compared to using the hands. This is because of the texture involved as well as the frequency and consistency that the machine can offer.
  • Most dick sucker are automated, meaning that you will not need to use your hands during the entire process. All you need to do is plug it in and enjoy. You will not experience exhaustion when using the machine.
  • When using your hands, you run the risk of injuring yourself. This can be from your nails or due to excessive pressure applied. Friction might also cause some burns when doing dry male milking.

Best Rated Male Milking Machine

Autoblow 2

The Autoblow 2 is a popular sex machine for males. It has a very simply but effective design based on a powered motor to give it its automated features.To use it, you need to put your penis inside the provided sleeve and plug in the device. Two ring sets of beads are moved up and down along your shaft giving you a sensation similar to that of a real blowjob. You can control the speed at which it works to suit your personal preferences. Some of the Autoblow2 features are,


  • Sleeves come in different sizes to ensure that anyone can fit comfortably, irrespective of their penis size.
  • The sleeve can pop out to allow easy cleaning. You can a toy cleaner to ensure that you get them squeaky clean
  • The machine is automated meaning you will not need to use your hands during the entire process.
  • Unlike Fleshlight, Autoblow 2 uses a high rated motor to offer very high power and durability.

Lovehoney O Force Powerful Male Vibrator

This is another powerful male sex toy that can be used to achieve an extreme pleasurable experience. It delivers pleasure mainly through vibrations, having five intense vibration speeds that can take you to climax within a very short time. To use it, you need to start by lubricating. Next is to envelope the silicone sleeve around the head of the penis and then switch on the vibration. You can hold it just to ensure that you have maximum control, but it is not necessary. [ How to Get a girl to give you head ]

Some of the features are,

Awesome Features

  • It has five speed settings that you can easily switch between for your desired preference.
  • Has a ribbed outer casing for easy handling
  • Made from sleek silicone

Puchi SOM compact sex machine

Puchi SOM is a sex machine made by SOM Japan, which is designed to fit perfectly between your legs and give you a similar feeling to that of receiving intense fellatio. The machine can thrust with an option of two speeds, which can be controlled easily with a back switch. Some of its features include,

Features of Puchi SOM

  • Soft inner hole.
  • It has an AC adapter for power source.
  • Operates on two speeds.
  • Experience deep throat blowjob without a girl,
  • Opening of the hole can stretch to accommodate any penis size.

Things to consider when buying a Automatic Male Milking Machine

There are a couple of things, which you should have in mind when selecting a masturbator. The main ones include material used, source of power, safety, and durability. The higher the quality, the better the performance you will get. You should also check best throat numbing spray for oral sex as It will help your partner avoid gagging.

Performing Testicular Massage to Improve Testicle Health

Testicles can as well be said to be the powerhouse of reproduction, the most important body organ in terms of primary male sexual characteristics. This is because of the major role that they play, reproduction and manufacture of sperm cells. It is therefore of utmost importance that they are kept safe and reproductive.

how to do Testicular Massage

How to Improve Testicle Health?

One of the ways through which this is achieved is testicular massage. It comes with benefits such as increasing the level of blood circulation to the testicles, reducing stagnation and inflammation of the testicles and promoting general testicular function as well as its proper growth. Other benefits include;

  • The volume of ejaculation as well as the sperm count is increased
  • For those under a penis enlargement program, turkey neck problem can be avoided. [ How to Simulate Blowjob ]
  • Testosterone hormone production is boosted, enhancing the male characteristics
  • The quality of erection is improved, especially if other penis exercises are included
  • Identification of problems such as abnormal lumps at an early stage is made possible.

How to Perform Testicular Massage?

Before you begin with the massage process, it is of importance that you do some warm up. The warm up will help to loosen the skin of the scrotum and make it easier to stretch during the massaging process. It also increases the blood flow within the testicular area which makes the effects of the massage to be a lot more effective. [ Deep Throat blowjob without gagging ]

Once the warm up is done, follow the steps below;

  1. Get a clean towel or cloth and soak it in warm water. Wrap the soaked towel or cloth around the testicles for a duration of 5 minutes
  2. Apply preferred oils such as Almond oil, Jojoba or baby oil to the entire scrotum. Use your hands to rub the oil and ensure that it has covered all visible areas of the scrotum skin.
  3. Start by massaging the area surrounding the scrotum, but not the scrotum itself.
  4. Use your thumb and fingers to massage in between the testicles with a pumping motion
  5. Move to the base of the scrotum and massage it, pulling it lightly while massaging it
  6. Repeat the steps 3 to 5 for approximately 3 minutes
  7. Spread the fingers of your hand apart and get a good grip of the testicles from the base. Pull it down and up lightly for a duration of about 3 minutes/ [ best Throat Numbing Spray ]
  8. Applying light pressure, massage the testicles. Do it for both testicles for a duration of about 3 minutes.

Special tips and care that we need to consider for testicular massage

The routine should ideally be performed 3 times per week. Stretching of the scrotum should also be incorporated in addition to the massaging routine so as to maximize on the benefits. [ Automatic dick sucking machine ]

Always ensure that the testicles are on top of the thumb when you lock grasp the base of the testicles, with the penis being on the palm side of the hand. [ How to get Girl to give you head ]

Clean up the oil used for massaging with a warm towel after completing the process.